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South Ken DMI

Whilst we were visiting South Ken to take a look at the new ‘pop up’ LTM Museum Shop, we also noticed that the Piccadilly line is getting new Dot Matrix Indicator boards (DMI) for next train information.

This is on the westbound platform, and is the small type – as we first saw appear on the Victoria line a couple of years ago.

It now shows the next three trains instead of two – although as it’s smaller it’s harder to read from a distance.   The clock seems to be 12 hours instead of 24 (we were there at 2 in the afternoon, not the morning), oh .. and it’s not correct anyway, as as we snapped this photo a PA went out telling people to look at the front of the train for the correct information, and sure enough – the next train that came in was one going to Rayners

South Kensington DMI

South Kensington DMI

Lane, and not Heathrow.  But apart from that …

11 Oct 15

Inside Charing Cross and Clapham South

The London Transport Museum today announced that they are, for the first time ever, selling tickets for tours of the old abandoned Charing Cross station that was on the Jubilee Line, and to the tunnels at Clapham South – one of eight deep level tunnels that were built to be turned into a second ‘express’ Northern Line, which then never happened.

It runs on various dates throughout the summer – June and July (Charing Cross) and October (Clapham South) and tickets are quite pricey at £25 and £30, but we can easily see them being snapped up and rapidly selling out!

Charing Cross is here on the website, and Clapham South is here. But tickets don’t go on sale until this Friday – the 17th of April.

Charing Cross

Charing Cross


14 Apr 15

A and C and S

A & C to S

A & C to S

A gratuitous plug for a DVD that you might like, created by Station Master Geoff who hopped on board with two drivers – one on the Met and on the the H&C/Circle Lines as they went through the transition phase of the new S-Stock trains coming in on their respective lines.

The DVD is two half an hour documentaries (one hour in total) from the cabs of trains, following the drivers around on their working day, with both the old and new types of trains. the ‘C-Stock’ video section too features a lot of disused/abandoned station stuff in the the middle of London too!

It’s available to order online now from the the LTM Website here, or grab a copy in person from the shop in Covent Garden as from next week!


27 Jun 14

Last Wimbleware ‘C’ Stock

C Stock Poster

C Stock Poster

It’s your last chance ever to catch a ‘C’ stock train in public service as the last one runs today with its scheduled last run being the 1.09pm from Wimbledon to Edgware Road where it will be taken out of service.

Tickets though, have now gone on sale at the LTM website for the C-Stock tour, later in the month.

Update: In the end, the last C Stock train departed Wimbledon at 09.05, and was then unceremoniously taken out of service at Edgware Road, due to it meeting its ‘mileage restriction limit’.

A power failure over the weekend it seems put some C-Stock trains out of place which led to this mis-calcuation, and so it was taken out of service earlier than planned so that the same unit can run as the final tour-train at the end of the month.

TfL’s press release is here.

03 Jun 14

Now You C Me

Station Master Geoff’s video of the final A-Stock trains, is finally coming out on DVD next month (via the London Transport Museum) along with a brand new video … the last days of the C Stock, the trailer of which is now online:

The tickets haven’t gone live on the LTMuseums website yet, but they soon will for the Last C-Stock Tour on Sunday June 29th.  On the day there’ll be a ‘pop up’ shop/stall at Barking station, where the DVD will be on sale for the first time, and after that – through the LT Museum shop as per normal.

The trailer for the A-Stock video (A to S) is still online here too.

Both videos are 30 minutes in length, one hour in total for the whole DVD.


26 May 14