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South Ken DMI

Whilst we were visiting South Ken to take a look at the new ‘pop up’ LTM Museum Shop, we also noticed that the Piccadilly line is getting new Dot Matrix Indicator boards (DMI) for next train information.

This is on the westbound platform, and is the small type – as we first saw appear on the Victoria line a couple of years ago.

It now shows the next three trains instead of two – although as it’s smaller it’s harder to read from a distance.   The clock seems to be 12 hours instead of 24 (we were there at 2 in the afternoon, not the morning), oh .. and it’s not correct anyway, as as we snapped this photo a PA went out telling people to look at the front of the train for the correct information, and sure enough – the next train that came in was one going to Rayners

South Kensington DMI

South Kensington DMI

Lane, and not Heathrow.  But apart from that …