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Exit the Tube … 2015 style

ExittheTubeRoundedLogo152x152The new version of Station Master is coming (we’re still waiting for Apple to finish reviewing it), but until then, the new Exit the Tube is out and updated, featuring …

The new exit data for Tottenham Court Road station! (Currently the only iOS App to have this correct).

Compatibility with the full iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen sizes (Again, currently the only iOS exits app to be doing that, and we’ll be doing more work on utilising the extra screen space on those devices in the future).

Correct exit positions for the ‘S-Stock’ style trains on the Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines.  (And yes, we’re still the only iOS exit App to have that correct data and have been for a while).

19 Jan 15

Exit the Tube & Oyster Errors

ExittheTubeRoundedLogo152x152And we have TWO new Apps to tell you about, here’s the first one …

Ever wanted to have the handy exit information that Station Master provides, but… just wanted that?  It’s something that people have asked for and so today we’ve got a brand new App that gives it to you.

With the fancy new carriage graphics that came out with the latest version of Station Master, today you can download ‘Exit the Tube’ which is JUST the exact carriage and door exit information for every Underground, Overground and DLR station in London.

Exit the Tube is available on the App Store now.

(And it runs on iOS 5.1 and iOS 6 for all you iOS 7 refuseniks out there!)

OysterErrorsRoundedLogo152x152And here’s the second brand new App which we’ve got for you this morning – a simple lookup for errors that you can get on an Oyster Barrier Gate when you touch in or out – When this happens, an error number flashes up on the gate, and if you make a note of that number, you can look it up using our App to see what it means.

e.g. the most common error number is ‘36‘ – which means you don’t have enough credit on your Pay-As-You-Go balance, but there any many others too! And we’ve got them all listed here in the App for you.

Oyster Errors is available here on the App Store now.

(For iOS 7 only.)

20 Jun 14