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A Day on the Underground

This is doing the rounds today, and it’s superb:

A day on the London Underground from Will Gallia on Vimeo.

Will Gallia has created an animation of Tube journeys extracted from TfL Oyster data and turned it into an animation showing journeys over the course of a day.

“This project was started in 2012, but wasn’t finished until 2015. The idea was to visualise real London Underground data on the Tube map was we know it. I wanted to write all of the movement in a shader. Initially I thought I would have each journey (or person) as one pixel in the final animation, using a GLSL pixel shader to move the pixel.”

19 Mar 15

London Underworld

Ben Langham, who we’ve previously mentioned as part of his Tunnel Sounds project, has teamed up with video maker Huw Penson to make this rather nice new video using imagery from the Underground, and all sounds that go with it recorded by Ben.

“A creative project to remind us of the strange surroundings most of us walk through everyday. Filmed on many parts of the London Underground with permission from TfL.”

17 Mar 15

Victoria Line Books

A book shop that only sells book about the London Underground? We could get on board with that!  But how about this…? one that sells books mathing the correct colour of the line?  And, where the titles match the station names!

Here’s the Victoria line…

Victoria Line Bookshelf

Victoria Line Bookshelf

14 Mar 15


Still our favourite all time ‘alternative’ sticker on the Tube is this one which dates back to 2001 – fourteen years old now!

Aliens on the Northern Line

Aliens on the Northern Line

More reported in this BBC article here.


12 Mar 15

Don’t prevent people getting on the train

In the wake of the footage showing Chelsea fans in Paris not letting a man on a train, a warning appeared on the Internet to never do the same with aliens from another world …

06 Mar 15

When not passing through Zone 1 …

Pink Oyster Pad

Pink Oyster Pad

The highly amusing TLF Travel Alerts posted this on Twitter, and made us laugh … overtones of course, of a classic Monty Python sketch.

There seems to be confusion around how to travel on the Overground if you’re not passing through Zone 1. It really is quite simple. Behold:

“If you are travelling on the Overground but NOT going through Zone 1 but ARE considering going through Zone 2 but NOT even thinking about a bus but you WILL be taking the Tube but for ONLY two stops and you WILL be taking a different route home but WON’T pass through any station with escalators DESPITE your need for excitement and you will ALSO skirt the borders of Zone 4 but NOT Zone 3 and you will ONLY travel in a CLOCKWISE direction then remember to touch your Oyster card on the pink reader, then the red one, then the green, the blue, the yellow the pink one again TWICE, then the purple one, recite the Sixth Incantation while turning on the spot, and then breathe. Just breathe.”

“Once your breathing has been monitored and deemed to be within acceptable limits, you will be asked 37 general knowledge questions and will then be required to compose a poem on a subject of your choice using a meter as defined by station staff. This will be judged.”

Following these simple steps will ensure you pay the correct fare. It’s really not that hard. Enjoy your journeys. We do.

24 Feb 15

TfL Takeover

Do you ever get the feeling that sometimes (with new Overground lines coming later this year), TfL are slowly but surely – like a Bond super villain – trying to take over the world? It appears they already have a logo for their global domination strategy …

Globe Roundel

Globe Roundel

16 Feb 15

50 Shades of tube

50 Shades of Grey, with all the rude words replaced by Underground Stations. It’s probably even ruder than the original. Courtesy of Absolute Radio.

Fifty shades

Fifty shades

13 Feb 15

Part suspended bench

We recommend not trying to sit on this bench on the eastbound platform on the Central Line at Notting Hill Gate.  Who broke this?! We have visions of a very, um .. large person sitting down on one end, and it giving way under their weight!

Notting Hill bench

Notting Hill bench

08 Feb 15


Has anyone seen the driving cab to this train? Tucked away in the sidings of Northfields depot by Boston Manor station was this Piccadilly Line train with a noticeable carriage missing!

No cab

No cab

17 Jan 15