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London’s Underground Languages

There is a great Tube-themed video article on the BBC website today where they’ve followed the route of the Victoria line up on the streets, whilst mirroring the journey with a shot from the cab underground, and spoken/interviews with people along the way to reflect the wide diversity of people and languages along the route.

“The video below combines footage shot from a Victoria Line train, synchronised with its route above ground. The soundtrack echoes the most widely spoken language, after English, at each stage of the route. The underground journey takes just over 30 minutes, but we have condensed the footage into three minutes.”

Underground Languauges

Underground Languages


07 Oct 15

Go and see a Crossrail Station

Want to see what a Crossrail station is going to look like in 2019?  Unlikely as it may sound, the place to see one is in Leighton Buzzard.

At a construction test centre, a life sized mock-up has been constructed below ground at a specialist test centre.

“Londoners were given a glimpse of the future today when images were released of a full size mock-up of a below ground Crossrail platform. The mock-up has been built to help Crossrail understand how the designs for the new platforms will look and feel in real life and to decide whether any design modifications need to be made before main construction of the stations begins later this year.”

Mock up Crossrail station

Mock up Crossrail station

05 Oct 15

Night Owls

We all know that the Night Tube didn’t start on September 12th, but it seems that no one told the department that is responsible for putting up signs on the network, as some ‘Night Owl’ signage has started to appear – here, at Oxford Circus.

Aside from the fact that it’s advertising a service which isn’t running yet – you do have to question the logic.  This would seem to suggest that Night Tube services need new signage, as if changing trains at night somehow becomes different to trains running during the day – but as far as we’re aware, getting a Central line train at Oxford Circus at 3am, will be the same as getting one at 3pm, so we’re not quite sure why the signage is needed at all … !?

NIght Owls

Night Owls



03 Oct 15

Bonus Secrets of the Underground

What’s this? A new video in this series .. hurrah! Yes, Geoff’s been back out on the network, to make Bonus Secrets of the Underground.  Give it a play!

01 Oct 15