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Incline Lift

So that new ‘inclinator’ at Greenford station? Don’t call it that! Even though the one down at the Millennium Bridge is called that, this one is being called an ‘incline lift’ and is the first one ever on the Underground, and we think in fact the first at any UK railway station.

It brings the total of step-free stations on the Underground up to 67 – that’s the official total anyway, as there are 14 more stations that we can think of that have step-free access but in one direction only. And this is just Tube stations, all of the DLR is step-free of course, and there are many Overground stations too which aren’t including in that total of 67.

It’s worth nothing that the staircase and escalator are┬ánew too – not just refurbished, and even the toilets on the platform are now unisex, and accessible by wheelchair users too. It’s an all-new shiny Greenford station!