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New Santander Cycles App launched

Santander Cycles AppBoris Bikes have been around for a few years now, but only today do they now have an official App.

The App is Available on the App Store for free.

It shows you where the nearest docking station is along with availability, but also lets your hire out a bike and get an access code from the App – without needing to use the docking stations terminal screen.

It then lets you plan a journey and give you suggested routes which is a nice touch, as well as notifications about how much time you’ve been on a bike for.


11 May 15

Tube Life Hacks

There’s a new YouTube channel – City Hacks London – where the people behind it have made a fun video about ‘hacks’ on the Tube. They got in touch with us to ask if they could use some of our 3D maps – and so we said yes! Have a watch of this fun video full of shortcuts on the Tube …

09 May 15

Behind the scenes at Bond Street

Bond Street is having a major station upgrade with a new entrance, escalators, and lifts being installed – separate from the Crossrail works taking place. ¬†Station Masters Geoff and Matt got to go down and have a look …

06 May 15

New Timetables

The new timetables for the Overground services to/from Chingford, Cheshunt and Enfield Town are finally online, and inside them there’s a new London Overground Network Map.

Still no sign of the Tube-map-proper, but it’s coming, it’s coming …

Overground Network

Overground Network

05 May 15

Secrets of the Overground

Station Master Geoff has finally gone Orange … onto the Overground, with a new ‘Secrets…’ video. ¬†It’s Part 1 of a two part series!

01 May 15