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Weekly Capping now live on buses

Contactless Card

Contactless Card

With the contactless roll out for all modes of transport still set for Tuesday 16th September – TfL have got ahead of the game a little, by enabling its Monday to Sunday fare capping system for those using contactless cards to pay on buses.

You can read the full press release here, but it’s summarised here in these two paragraphs:

“Bus customers paying for their journeys with a contactless payment card will now benefit from having their fares capped, automatically calculating the best value for their contactless travel over a seven-day period. The added benefit is part of Transport for London’s (TfL) huge range of improvements for customers making it easier and more convenient for them to pay for their travel.

“Daily fares for bus journeys are capped at £4.40, the same as they are for Oyster, meaning that after the fourth journey each day, any further bus travel is not charged. A Monday to Sunday cap now also applies for users of contactless payment cards at £20.20, the equivalent of a weekly Bus and Tram Pass.  The development of this technology is the first step towards the next generation of Oyster. “

04 Aug 14

Artistic Tracking

Andy Drizen over at Tube Tracker posted a cool picture of the tube on twitter yesterday – using his software to plot real time position of trains, he then stripped everything else away just leaving us with ‘blobs’ showing you where the trains are. the results of which are …

Tube Tracker 'Blob' map

Tube Tracker ‘Blob’ map

02 Aug 14

New Central Line Station

Hanger Lane Sign

Hanger Lane Sign

TfL have been sneaky buggers and gone and snuck in a brand new station on the Central Line without telling anyone!

In fact, it had us confused for a moment, as we thought they’d connected up the Central Line to a Hammersmith & City / Circle Line station – but that’s Shepherd’s Bush Market, but no! This is a brand new station.

What are we talking about? Well the platform signage at Hanger Lane tells the tale, here are the signs on the platform from a distance.

Hanger Lane Signage

Hanger Lane Signage

Then, when you get up close, you realise something a little odd about one of the station names – that’s right, instead of ‘Shepherd’s Bush’, they’ve indicated that the Central Line stops at ‘Shepherd’s Bush Green‘ which is new to us!

Shepherds Bush Green on the Central Line

Shepherds Bush Green on the Central Line

It’s not the first time that this has happened – LU have form, for adding in the word ‘Green’, there used to be a sign (see it here) at Mile End station indicating that the District Line stopped at a station called Putney Green. They removed it in 2010.  I wonder how long it’ll take them to correct this one at Hanger Lane …

(Thanks to Shrey Puranik for the heads up on this)

Update – We’ve heard on Twitter that there might be a sign like this at Chancery Lane too, we’ll pop down later for a photo…

01 Aug 14