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Happy 2nd Birthday to us!

iOS 7 icon

iOS 7 icon

Happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to us!

Station Master has been on the App Store for 2 years today and we’ve come a long way since we woke up on a Saturday morning to find our original version 1.0 had been approved by Apple (after 10 long nerve-racking days of waiting) and was finally on sale just as the London 2012 Olympic Games kicked off.

Since then we’ve added iPad support, 3D station maps, enhanced accessibility information, carriage graphics and kept our data up-to-date as the network has changed over time.

We also won an award for best App for accessibility / step free information from TfL too!

Just recently too we added two new Apps to the Station Master family; Exit the Tube with just the exits from Station Master in it, for those of you who want even faster access and Oyster Errors that tells you what those funny numbers mean that sometimes come up when you fail to touch in or out correctly.

Thanks too, to everyone who got in touch to tell us where things had changed or where they needed tweaking here and there!  We’ve always taken your comments on board and updated our information based on those comments.

So, to celebrate, until midnight tonight, we are giving you a chance to get your hands on Station Master for a 2nd birthday price of just 99 pence!  And if you’ve bought the App already, why not gift it to someone or spread the word!

Download Station Master on the App Store!

Cheers!  The Station Master Team.  (Matthew and Geoff)