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Walthamstow’s Second Entrance

Here’s the rather disappointing view that greeted us when we swung by Walthamstow Queen Street the other day when we were in the area.

Thou shall not pass

Thou shall not pass

About a year ago, they built steps and ramps on the north side of the station to allow another way in and out of the station, but although the access infrastructure was put in place, it was blocked by a temporary gate because the Oyster card readers were not in place.

Well, it’s been over a year now, and yet although the Oyster card readers are now clearly visible in the picture and installed, it seems that officialdom and red-tape is still holding things up, and the entrance is STILL not open … for reasons which we cannot fathom at all.

03 May 14

Contactless Cards

This is what a an email invitation looks like from Barclays to make their new credit card work with TfL’s contactless payment system.

Register your new Contactless Card

Register your new Contactless Card

Barclays recently withdrew their ‘One Pulse’ credit card, which was a credit card, contactless payment card and Oyster card all in one, and have replaced with, err .. a credit card and contactless payment card.

What we’re still not clear on though is why you have to register it to make it work. Our contactless cards already work on the buses without having to do anything to them, but does this mean to get a contactless payment card to work on the tube you have to register it?


01 May 14