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The best place to board the train …

Something that Station Master is all about is telling you the perfect carriage and door position to be in to be near the exit – and yet it’s something that we’ve never seen or heard TfL do, until now – when we came across this very friendly member of platform staff at Leicester Square the other night.

“Please DO move down the platform – it really is less crowded if you don’t all go in the middle of the train, you won’t be squashed in like a sardine, and you might even get a seat!” he was cheerfully announcing every few minutes.

Leicester Square Platform Staff

Leicester Square Platform Staff

And then he did something that we’ve never heard before – advise on the best carriage positions.

“Actually, if you’re going to Waterloo” he continued “You’ll want to be in the rear car of this six carriage train as that’s the nearest exit point to the escalator” he cheerful announced. Amazing! Never have we heard a member of staff do this before, and now here it was – happening.

It was clearly a ruse just to stop overcrowding of the middle of the Leicester Square platforms, oh – and either the front or rear carriages is the place to be for the southbound Northern Line at Waterloo.