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A case of the false facade

We thought that we were all tubed-out in terms of Sherlock after we’d been dished up a lot of mixed up trains a couple of weeks ago in the first episode, but we knew that something might be going on when we received a text message from a friend saying “Is it true about the houses?” – as we were half an hour behind watching it on catchup.

“That’ll be a Leinster Gardens reference then” announced this Station Master, and sure enough, when we got to part in the programme ourselves, there was Sherlock, Watson and Mrs. Watson all holed up in the best-fake-addressed-house in London.

The best way to visit the houses-that-aren’t as created by the Metropolitan Line is to of course visit them yourself, but for a cosier warmer view you can just use Google Maps from above to look down on the location, where clearly there is a gap in the houses and the railway runs instead.

Leinster Ariel Shot

One thing we’re not clear on though is how much of an ‘inside’ of 23-24 Leinster Gardens there really is.  When Station Master Geoff passed through last year whilst making the District Line video for the Londonist and he dropped by (scroll to 3m 38s), there was only a small crack in the window revealing a tiny room which I doubt leads to a long corridor as shown in the programme.

So if you’ve never been, next time you’re in central west London, hop out at either Bayswater or Paddington, to discover London’s best false address.

13 Jan 14

Piccadilly to Ealing Broadway

Piccadilly at Ealing BroadwayWith some large scale maintenance work taking place on the District tracks between the 27th and 30th December, there were no District services for a few days west of South Kensington. Edgware Road, Wimbledon, Richmond and Ealing Broadway were all without service … almost.

The regular rail replacment bus services ran, but an extra fun thing happened out west .. where at Ealing Broadway, some Piccadilly Line trains were diverted to run in and out of Ealing Broadway instead, meaning the rare chance to see a 1973 stock train where you wouldn’t normally.

Piccadilly at Ealing Broadway

Piccadilly at Ealing Broadway TimesNormal Piccadilly services ran too, but the trains coming out of Ealing Broadway then additionally made the stops that District trains would, meaning that trains also irregularly stopped at Chiswick Park, Stamford Brook and Ravenscourt Park too. A sign up gave departure times as being 00, 18, 29 and 48 minutes past the hour, but the train we got in left 3 minutes early at a quarter-past, just as we were about to snap a few more photos.

At South Kensington, confusion reigned a little as the platform that normally serves westbound trains only, saw District Line train arrive .. and then reverse heading out eastbound instead.

This was of course a little confusing for passengers waiting on the regular eastbound platform … where no trains were running at all.  A frustrated member of platform staff stood on the westbound side announcing into a PA that no trains would be leaving from the regular eastbound side … but almost everyone ignored her.  Made we wonder why they didn’t just have that person stand over the regular eastbound platform, actually talking and telling people instead.

Piccadilly at Ealing BroadwayPiccadilly at Ealing Broadway

01 Jan 14

Bonus Olympia Trains

S7 at Olympia

S7 at Olympia

So with TfL/LU trying to run down Olympia by stealth, by hardly running any regular trains to it, and making it very confusing to passengers and even train operators when the service is running, it’s intriguing to see some bonus services running there.

Normally there are just 9 trains to/from Olympia, a few services before 7am in the morning, and then two trains in the evening that arrive and then depart.

Until that is, the new S7 stock turned up, and now it seems that Olympia is being used as the turning point for two trains (making regular trips throughout the day) for driver training purposes.

So if you want to get a rare service into Olympia, and on the new S Stock trains as a bonus, the times are (Monday to Fridays only) as follows:

Westbound from Earl’s Court to Olympia at:
11:00, 12:00, 13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 19:37, 21:00, 21:33, 22:59

All trains leave from Platform 3, having come from either Plaistow or Barking, and are scheduled to arrive at Olympia three minutes later.  They then wait a few minutes and leave as follows:

Eastbound from Olympia to either Plaistow or Barking at:
10:21, 11:12, 12:21, 13:12, 14:21, 15:21, 19:12, 19:49, 21:21, 21:52

S7 at Olympia

S7 at Olympia


31 Dec 13