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How Westminster used to be

We’ve long been subscribers of the excellent CityTransportInfo on YouTube, where there’s more video of trains and stations than you can shake a stick at. But the videos that we really like that get put up are the ‘contrasts’ ones that show you how a station used to look many years ago, cut with footage of how it looks now.

One that recently got put up, is that of Westminster.  Think of the sub-surface lines now at that station – they got rebuilt when the Jubilee Line Extension came through in 1999, so can you remember how it used to look?

An old Victorian ticket hall, original tiling, wooden banisters – it’s very similar to St. James’s Park and Temple – with one big distinction – it’s in the open! Daylight streams in from above, unlike now.  Give it a play for a fascinating look of how it used to be.

04 Aug 15

Victoria Line Blockage

A reminder … that there’s going to be no Victoria Line past Seven Sisters up to Walthamstow for three weeks, starting from Saturday August 8th.

This is so that work can be done  on the line that will let the Underground run up to 36 trains in the peaks hours, so that trains will be more frequent than ever.    Unfortunately, it will also mean that there will be a slightly reduced number of trains running on the line between Brixton and Seven Sisters, so that it could be even more congested than normal, to the point where TfL have produced this map (below).

More over on their official website here.

Victoria Line Blockade

Victoria Line Blockade

03 Aug 15

British Movietone Archive Footage

Some great new British Movietone shorts have been uploaded to YouTube, many featuring the Underground, like the ones we found below.

Check out the “Tube” and “Underground” related videos here and here.

01 Aug 15